Lobbyists Support a No On PROP 126 Giving US Higher Taxes!


Don’t Let the Name American’s For Prosperity FOOL You!

Don’t Drink the NO on PROP 126!

GOP meeting on 10/06/18 and listened to the LD 22 Rep. now Senate Candidate Livingston say he supports a NO on PROP 126, which will give US Higher Taxes, then said people in the GOP have different positions but we’re all Republicans, I Disagree with him.  A No Vote by Voters Opens the Door to New & Higher Taxation such as Taxes on Services like Visits to or From Drs., Electrician, Plumber, Barber, Carpenter, Painter, Manicurist, In Home Healthcare Provider, Car Wash and ON and ON. If this is what the AZ Republican Party calls Smaller Government and Lower Taxes then I’d say they’ve not only Drank the Kool Aid they’re mixing a whole new Type for all the Voters to Drink, those in the GOP who Support Voting No on PROP 126 should become Democrats, as they’re already 1/2 way there, they’re PURPLE RINO Traits in this and also pushing the National Popular Vote Prove It.

I watched a TV interview on 10/07/18 with Americans for Prosperity spokesman Andrew Clark pushing the same message of the Government Needs other ways to TAX AZ CITIZENS, and almost fell out of my chair. The comments made by Mr. Clark proved to me that you can’t and shouldn’t Trust Lobbyist No Matter their Title or past performance, as they’re siding with Elected Officials who LUST after New Ways to TAX All AZ on Services. 

Wes Gullet was also on the program advocating for a YES on 126 which will STOP any NEW TAXES on AZ Citizens. I hope all recall the TEA Party Movement in AZ and what we Stand For TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY, and send a Clear Message to these so Called State Reps. who Support this NEW TAX on US, and Vote YES ON PROP 126 to STOP Them.

One Last Point, those who provide the Services already Pay Income Taxes, Sales Taxes, Property Taxes Etc., so We the People don’t need Career Politicians, Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups and Bureaucrats who are Interested in Bleeding US of More of Our Hard Earned $$$$$$$, giving them More to Spend, we Need Good Public Servants who’ll Protect & Serve US and not their Own Lust for Power.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk / Proverbs 4: 26-27



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