Numbers Don’t Lie, People Do!


Ballots Cast: 2,592,312   Voter Turnout: 62.56%  Registered Voters: 4,143,929

D- 1, 270,544  R- 1,436,852  L- 32,148 All Others – 1,404,38530.66% 34.67% .38% 33.89%
Examine the numbers to understand what took place in the 2022 Election Cycle, and who caused it.

     US  Senate   x D 1,322,026   R 1,196,308 = – 125,718 GOP    

                                        US House     D 1,004,466  x R 1,324,991 = + x320,525 GOP 

                                        Governor      D 1,287,890      R 1,270,774 = – 17,116 GOP

                                        SOS             x D 1, 320,618     R 1,200,411 = – 120,207 GOP

                                        AG                  D 1,254,612       R 1,254,102 = – 510 GOP  

                                       Treasurer         D 1,107,036     xR 1,390,135 = + x283,099 GOP

                                       Supt. P I          D 1,247,009     xR 1,255,977 = + 8,968 GOP

Statements made by JEANNE KENTCH about Mohave County’s votes have been disenfranchised not only by Maricopa’s election antics but also by Robson’s words telling them to vote for Hobbs. She lead her establishment party right off the cliff, What Robson said was inexcusable, I could not imagine anyone agreeing with Robson.

Clair’s comments on Kentch’s statement:

Many in the GOP have criticized me over the years for pointing out what Jeanne’s saying, as I’ve seen this same thing happen before in the GOP, seems whenever the Leftwing of the GOP win a Primary they Demand Unity, however when the Conservative Wing wins they’re Silence is deafening, and they play Political Games.
I viewed Robson commenting on Newsmax about the top of the AZ Ticket not being good and also Ward’s leadership and I agree with her on Ward, however the Disunity caused by the Leftwing of the GOP cost those of us who voted for them the election with a really funny couple of exceptions winning 2 New U.S. House Seats statewide total of all GOP House Races 1,324,991 = + of 320,525, and the AZ Treasurers Office 1,390,135 = + 283,099, it’s funny both winning by such a large # while Lake & Abe? lost by very small #’s, we need to examine how they garnered so many more Votes and use that Formula in Future Election cycles.

Did what Jeanne said about the Left wing putting out a message of don’t $upport or Vote for the Top of the Ticket, after all this would give Yee a shot at the Governor’s Office in 26 and prevent any real legislation to Fix the Election Process, Education, Border etc., with the Excuse of a Democrat Governor, and a small majority in either House, plus those in office already had years to Fix all the above and Never did.
AZ GOP Voters better start examining the #’s and how many GOP Voters voted in each County along with some Independents, and compare them to the Totals statewide, to get a handle on this or I believe many of us may have to Move to Real Red States rather then this Dark Shade of Purple or Light Blue, I also believe Robson & others must be Censured.

U.S. Sen. McConnell never Funded Masters, or NV, Penn, Alaska, he’s more concerned about his Power in the U.S. Senate than Saving the USA, he and his Followers must also be Censured by GOP National & State Party.
I’m asking you to consider my evaluation of what took place and remove the Political Drama everyone in charge caused, I’m not saying there wasn’t any unlawful behavior by Counties, I ‘m just saying I believe the real problem is much closer to all of us than any of us want to believe, and go County by County when #’s come in to see how many Republicans Voted.

If you’d care to discuss this with me please give me a call, email or message me, / 623-322-9979, and I’ll be glad to explain it to you or a group. Web Pages: http// /

God Bless You All Clair Van Steenwyk

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