Paris Terrorism



Terrorists are Not Only Cowards They’re EVIL….

Terrorists Attack Paris: “ As Our Father in Heaven Opens His Doors to Heaven Welcoming His Children who’ve Perished.” Jean and my thoughts and prayers go to the Families and Loved ones of both those who lost their lives as well as the injured and ask others to join us in the hope of Gods’ Healing Hands in their time of sorrow and grief.
This is just one more piece of evidence against the Islamic Jihadists. I hope our Allies will join together in the cause to wipe them from the Face of the Earth, as they’ve proven not be worthy of sharing it with others. Paris is a direct result of the foreign policy of Obama and most of the World when it comes to dealing with the Terrorists and those who support them throughout the Middle East. The Arab Spring has led to the rise of the Islamic State and helped to spread Islamic Jihad around the World including the US.

Congress must declare War enabling the New President full Authority, as continuing to allow such attacks as we sit watching the spread of Islamic State through Terror Frozen by Fear. The Nation Building approach used has led to this and needs to be abandoned, those bent on Our Destruction can’t be changed by believing or hoping its’ true. The last 14 centuries prove these Islamic Jihadists and others won’t change, so contact Congress and request those who represent US to Declare War, which will require President Trump to take action no more lines in the Sand by anyone, drawing lines won’t find them once the Wind Blows. We must be prepared for more as the Islamic Jihadists have already declared War on US. Senators McCain, Flake and Representatives Salmon, Schweikert, Gosar, Franks and McSally are you listening?

  • In Closing: Election Cycles are Critical Our Nation, whether we sink deep into a Socialistic Nation or Restore Ourselves to a True Republic form of Government. The choices are clear, we must never support anyone that votes against or compromises the US Constitution and Our Freedoms and believe that’s what most of us believe in and hope for, and the GOP Elite Power Brokers are Afraid of: ( Time to Drain All Political Swamps)… 
God Bless You All & God Save America; Clair Van Steenwyk
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