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Link to Van’s Crossroads, Internet Radio Shows

Van’s Crossroads is designed to give the public a view from the Christian perspective, as we believe that religion and politics are important and relevant in today’s society as they were the basis for the founding of our Nation.

Van’s been politically active since the age of 9 when he campaigned for the Eisenhower / Nixon ticket. Van started voting in 1968, he voted for Nixon. Van became a Christian in 1975 after being raised in a Christian home and once he’d accepted Christ, he continued working in the field of food sales, marketing, distribution, and product development. He also opened several Christian ministries such as; a halfway coffee house, with outreaches to LA’s skid row, Hollywood Blvd., Mexico, and has led Christian Fellowship Groups & Bible studies. Van speaks regularly at special engagements, in fact at one of these groups he was asked to go on the radio in 2003 Van began broadcasting in California, then Idaho, Florida and Arizona where it went National.

The program changed from a Bible Study program with comments and questions, to political and religious issues with callers commenting or questioning Van or his guests. Van’s interviewing candidates began in Arizona on issues important to the US & AZ’s Constitutional Republic. His guests are on both sides of the fence, which allowed listeners to decide who to support. Van retired from his Radio Career in 2014 and now does his weekly internet show plus guest shots and speaking engagements.

We hope you enjoy listening to the programs to get a better understanding of his political positions. Van’s show at present is to inform the Voters of what he sees in AZ and on a National level as to what those in office at really up to vs. what they usually want us to believe as most call themselves Conservatives without understanding what that really means, the Politics of today have muddied the definition of Conservative to the point where most Voters don’t even know it’s true definition.