Do Socialist Democrats Really Hate Trump or US?


We continue to hear how the Democrats hate President Trump and use that excuse to stop his appointments and vote against legislation and the WALL. The Real Question we need to ask is what or who does the Socialist Democratic Party really Hate that causes them to mislead the Lost Sheep who vote and support them election after election.
The Truth is the Socialist Democrats really Hate FREEDOM and all it has Delivered to the American People since the 1700’s and hope to end it by slowing down President Trump and continuing to Lie to those who Vote for them, with the Lies they spout so easily no matter what the subject matter, while they cover up the Big Lie they’ve been promoting for the last 5 Decades which is total Slavery for All Americans with the exception of the Financial and Politically Elite Class.
The Hope of the Socialist Democratic Party is to remove President Trump or prevent him from fulfilling the Campaign Pledges he made to the American People and thereby attain control of the Government once again so they can continue their march to an America that becomes a complete Socialist State within the next Decade and thereby End all Hope any American might have of ever achieving the True Dream of Americans which is LIBERTY.
We must recognize this isn’t a battle of which side is better politically but which side is really going to Stand for Freedom and only support those will to take that Stand with US. If we’ll Stand together against the Forces of Evil within our own Government and Political Parties we have a chance of Restoring Our Republic.
If we’re willing to admit that most in power want to enslave us and future Generations with Debt and Increase Taxes while limiting the Liberty Americans have had to attain success then we have a chance, however if we continue to believe it’s only politics and not pay attention to what they’re really doing then all will be lost and the Great Dream of Our Founders for Liberty will come to an End and most won’t even realize it’s a done deal.
I believe the First Step to Restoring Our Republic and the Freedom Promised is by accepting the Facts that both Parties have been leading us down the Road to Slavery through Higher Taxes, Debt and Division of us all. These are the tools they both use to Divide US and it’s working, so we must once again rededicate ourselves to the Unity the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights gives all of us and Unite against the Forces of Evil at all levels.
The Truth is the Socialist Democrats Hate US, Citizens who Love Freedom and Oppose Socialism, and since President Trump is Standing up for US he’s their Target, but we’re the Ones they want to Eliminate.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

  1. Apr 29, 2018 2:52 am

    You are absolutely right Van! The whole blame game from the left and the RINOs, which are maybe even worse than the left, because they lie about their convictions, is just a cover up for their misdeeds against America, it’s citizens and the constitution they have sworn to uphold! Most of the GOP that are leaving office are part of that swamp! Can’t wait to see them leave! But I hope we can get the right replacements! Our politicians have become so untrustworthy! It is our responsibility to hold their feet to the fire, but sadly, our party doesn’t do that, even when they are as far from honest or from representing their constituents as John McCain! He is one of the swamp monsters, and we just let him keep on. Going! He is even complicit In The handling of the Steele Dossier. But no one even calls him on it! So very very sad and disappointing!

    • Apr 29, 2018 2:38 pm


      Thank You for your comments, and yes that’s the problem and unfortunately most don’t see it but just continue like sheep following those who make and break promises between each and every election. We’re hoping by getting a few people we trust to run for office in LD 22 and Statewide including myself one more time we might be able to turn this around at least in AZ. We hope the Voters wake up this time around, especially now that those in power have and continue to mislead the voters on the Education Issue as they have no intention of fixing the real problems and have proven throwing money at it hasn’t and won’t fix it, thanks again.
      God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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