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If you believe as I do, that career politicians are, by and large, more interested in their personal careers than they are in serving
their employers, you and me, then it’s time for a change. State by state, district by district, our country needs men and women in office who truly understand why they serve, who they serve,
and that the Constitution is the governing document for everything they do.

I am not interested in a career in politics, and am not running in order to become one. I am running in order to serve you, to fight for the things that matter to you, like family values, a return to Constitutional governance, states rights, quality of
education, things that have seemingly been tossed aside back in Washington. These are changes the American people long for.

As a nation we are over $17 Trillion in debt, and that number
grows everyday, yet many members of Congress, who espouse the principles of the Republican Party, contribute to that ever-rising debt, with no plans to reduce it, or pay it off. The truth is, that this spiraling debt could well grow to $22 Trillion in the next four years, yet Congress seems quite
willing to allow that to happen. Why?

Why does the federal government control so much of the land in the western United States? There is no Constitutional authority for that, yet our representatives in Washington do nothing.
Arizona’s land belongs to Arizona, not to an overreaching federal government. Where’s the authority in the Constitution to control education in every state? Arizona should be controlling
the education of its children. Do our elected servants even acknowledge that these are important issues? Not a peep.

I understand the Constitution very well, though I make no claim
to being a “scholar” on this most precious document – as the President seems to be – believe in the rights of the states, and Arizona in particular. As some have said in Washington, “Most of
what we do has nothing to do with the Constitution.” Is that good enough for you? With a slight modification, that old quote seems appropriate: “Are you really better off today than you were twelve years ago?”

I have a set of skills that most members of Congress would envy – the ability to educate and the skills to build consensus among his peers in order to improve things, to bring satisfaction to customers, like you. Where did I acquire these skills and abilities? It wasn’t sitting around an office in Washington, DC that’s for sure. I acquired them by working in the private sector, for decades, not grooming myself for a political career. I worked with several companies, starting at the ground floor and moving up in the organization through hard work and perseverance. In America we used to call that a work ethic. I worked to build teams, to help people, and that desire and ability to help wasn’t confined to the workplace.

I and my wife have been to our southern border, and understand what’s going on there. We conducted an outreach for runaway teenagers; worked with the down and out citizens on skid row, opened and ran a halfway house for the least among us. And we did this with our own money, not taxpayer money.

Many voters cast their ballot for someone because they “like” them. I like them, too. However what determines my vote is their voting record and their actions, not their rhetoric. It’s easy to make promises; it takes a committed person to keep promises. I keep my promises.

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