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For some this is a Once in a Lifetime to Take Part in Saving Our Republic Form of Government, however it’s going to Take All of You to get out and VOTE today, as if we don’t remove the Socialist Marxist Communist Democrats who’ve been hell bent on Completely Transforming the U.S. from a Republic to an Aligarchy or One Party / Person Rule like China, Russia, Cuba etc., and those who’ve Fought & Died or were Wounded didn’t Fight for us so we could sit back and Watch Our Once Great Nation Turn Into what the Fought Against.
I hope all who view this Video will share it with others and remember we are now just one Election from Ending the Dream of Freedom for Ourselves, Children, Grand Children, and Great Grand Children, and yes this will also include all other Countries around the World that still look to the USA to Keep them not as Free as us but Freer than the Nations we all know are Enslaving, Murdering, and Indoctrinating their Citizens and others outside their own borders with the New Tech of Today assisting them.
I pray all of you allow God to Guide your decisions in who you Vote 4 as that’s the Guidance we must All Pray 4 and then Accept it when God gives it to us no matter what messenger He sends Our Way. I do hope for a Rout in the House taking us from 212 to 242 or up to 254 and in the Senate from 50 to 54 or to 57, from the information I’ve put together and the momentum if everyone gets out and votes and the Ballot Harvesting is controlled and the counting is on the up & up we’ll do well, if not Katy Bar the Door, don’t believe most Americans will put up with another 2020.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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