Who’ll Cave In 1st NOKO or USA?


 Some Military Experts mostly retired now believe the time for sanctions is over and Military Action is necessary, although most in the Diplomatic Core are recommending more sanctions and diplomacy, talks, then waiting to see if China will finally deliver on its’ promises to Enforce the Sanctions, before taking any type of Military Action. I believe Sanctions are a method if Enforced on China within 60 Days of Non Compliance may work, and if President Trump isn’t willing to Enforce these Sanctions due to some experts saying it will Cost the American People Economically such as higher prices for goods imported from China, then we as a Nation have finally and Officially reached the status in the World of a Roaring Lion, which for those who don’t understand the Biblical term is an Old Weak Lion without Teeth so all He can do is Roar, in Plain English Our Bark is worse than you Bite.

I believe as do many active military who advised me during my race for Federal Office that a War with NOKO would be extremely costly to SOKO and Japan as they can already be reached by the Nuclear Bombs NOKO has, and the US will be next, this leaves us No Choice, allowing NOKO to get the Delivery system to send their New Bomb to the US, which I believe in the Long Run NOKO will use directly or sell to Terrorists / Iran who would then use it themselves or through a Terrorist Group they support, or Living with Political Blackmail and under the Threat of Destruction at anytime, remember NOKO leader believes he’s a god.

President Trump must take the position as did President Truman that even though dropping the Bombs on Japan to End WW II  destroyed two cities and cost thousand of lives it also saved Hundreds of Thousands of US Soldiers & Millions of Japanese Lives, this was the right decision in the Long Run. I do believe that the same is true now and as stated previously if Our Economic Future seems more important in the Short Term then we’ve truly lost our way as a Moral World Leader & Nation only because we are putting Economics ahead of FREEDOM.

I along with most realize the cost of Human Life would be extreme, however most also realize that given the choices of War now or the Eventual Destruction of the FREE WORLD and Slavery for All would be of even a Higher Cost in the Long View of the World and Our Children.

Our Economy has survived Two World Wars, and several other smaller wars not to mention Recessions and yes the 2nd WW brought the US out of the Great Depression, so I do believe we’d make our way back again as we are a FREE People, but if we don’t take a Definite Offensive Stand against Tyranny then we’ve finally fallen into a Desperate People who now Put the Love of Money, which is the ROOT of Evil / Economy over FREEDOM.

President Trump made it  clear today with his speech at the UN that American won’t allow the continued march of NOKO to achieve its’ goal of having a ICBM that could reach the US with its’ newly acquired Hydrogen Bomb now achieved by a Weak US Foreign Policy, and will take actions to prevent it at a great cost to NOKO, we can only hope that China and others will take this message seriously, and that President Trump won’t allow that same State Dept. & other Politically Correct Officials to change this position, as in WW II the Prime Minister Chamberlain of England appeased Adolf Hitler which showed him the weakness he needed to begin WW II, this can’t be allowed to happen again as the Costs to the US would be a far greater Loss of Life .

Link to President Trump’s Speech:https://youtu.be/ieA3BIOyTqs?t=7828

In Closing the 1st & Primary Duty of the President is to Protect the American People and in that statement alone lies the answer to the Crisis we Face as a Nation, which is Our very Existence.  

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk / Constitutional Activist

Link to Radio Show: http://tobtr.com/s/10271833


  1. Sep 15, 2017 8:58 am

    At present any nuclear attack by the NK presents minimal risk. They do not have sufficient deliverable warheads.

    The largest threat is conventional. It is described as the 8 minute. Unless we can destroy the NK conventional artillery within the first 8 minutes Seoul will loose 1/2 of its population, we will loose an Infantry division and the ROK will loose half of its army.

    An AF General who is a regular contributor on FOX and spent much of his career planning for a war on the Korean peninsula all ways talks about the 8 minute window. In his most recent address he did not mention the window. It suggest to me that we have solved that problem. If so it makes a conventional war winnable. The issue become convincing the Chinese and Russians that it is in their best interest to allow the NK regime to be replaced.

    A positive sign is the publication of a piece by a prominent Chinese scientist indicating that additional nuclear test by the NK could collapse the test site and release radiative materials into the atmosphere. Such a release could threaten China as well as Japan and South Korea/ This is a positive sign that China is moving away from its unconditional support of the NK. It indicates that we are close to a deal which would allow a preemptive strike on the NK.

    • Sep 15, 2017 3:20 pm

      @LTC Gray

      I understand quite well that a conventional war is a great threat, however there are also experts who believe the NOKO has now perfected their Missile to carry a Nuclear Warhead, which demonstrated yesterday after this article was written without doubt can reach Japan and many believe they’ll soon have the ability to reach the US. I do believe we must deal with this before they do. I also believe continuing to wait on China & Russia isn’t in our best interest as we’ve been doing that for Decades now and hasn’t borne any fruit and it’s to their benefit to keep us waiting. We didn’t need their permission to drop the Bombs on Japan and don’t need it now, I only wish we had the Generals now we had then. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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